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                                                      Tree Removal Permit requirements vary in every area you are in based on the DBH, Species, and Health. This process of applying for permits through your city can be an inconvenience at times. 

                         Our team here at Carolina Tree Trimmers LLC will relieve you of that burden when your job is contracted with us we will do all the work for you to get the permits.

        We have listed below the requirements for each city along with their contact info and a link to the GIS locator to verify your exact county. 

This is provided as a tool to use in the event you wanted to go out on your own and get the permit for your trees.

Town Of Summerville

(843) 851 - 4214

All trees (all species) eight inches in diameter at breast height (DBH), including dead trees, require a permit to be removed. Permits for removal of trees for new construction projects must be submitted with the building permit and will be reviewed as part of site plan review.

Berkely County

Moncks Corner

(843) 719 - 7913

(843) 723 - 3800

Berkely County does not have a tree protection ordinance.

Moncks Corner Town Council wants to preserve existing trees to the greatest extent possible. Permits for removal of protected trees may be approved and issued only if they feel the trees meet a certain criteria. Please look at the tree removal guide below.

Goose Creek

(843) 797 - 6220

The city does not have a tree protection ordinance on a developed residential property.

Charleston County

(843) 202 - 7200

Trees under 24” D.B.H. on lots that are zoned Single-Family Residential or Single and Two Family Residential or used exclusively for single-family or duplex dwellings do not require a permit for removal.

Dorchester County

(843) 832 - 0020

All tree's greater than 12" DBH require a permit with the exception of Pines. All Pines greater than 24" DBH do require a permit.

City of Charleston

(843) 724 - 3790

Single-family residential properties, all trees 24″ and greater are protected and require permit with exception of Pines and American sweetgums.


Ladson is a town designated by the US Postal Service that spans 3 counties – Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester. It is also has 3 municipalities with the Town of Summerville, City of North Charleston, and City of Goose Creek.

Ladson With Cities

Please look at the maps to determine your area and then look at one of the interactive to zoning maps to verify your location.


Ladson with Cities and Boundaries

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